If you’ve come seeking wonders, a genie who will grant you every wish you can think of; I’m afraid to tell you that you’ve just found yet another human.

However! I can help you within three areas of design, believe it or not. Graphic Design; drawing logos and symbols, setting type that speaks in the voice of your organization. Digital Design, sketching inviting and representative websites, and develop them in WordPress. And last but not least, Illustration. Drawing dogs and whatnot, making the web a livelier place for every stroke.

Circumstances shaped me that way. I went to art school where I would sharpen my drawing pencils and become interested in illustration as a career. I never made any money out of it back then, so I turned to graphic design where I saw a greater demand; amassed a lot of time as an intern in different agencies where I would learn from seniors. Unfortunately the market where I lived was already quite satisfied with graphic designers who could also draw. Nothing unique there.

What if then, I could not only draw and design, but also develop the websites I present? Ever since I started studying at Hyper Island’s program Digital Media Creative, I got more and more involved with Front-end development. And at the end of that journey I interned at Kollor, as they saw an interest in my combination of graphic design and front-end development.

After my graduation I had a couple of temporary jobs, and also tried on going solo for a short period. However, after a while I came into contact with Lennandia Advertising, who saw a need for someone with my set of skills. And since then I’ve been happily employed in the company.

Interested in my past work-experiences?
Check out my resumé below:

Resumé (SWE) PDF
Resumé (ENG) PDF