Be a fan or don’t bother

Numerous times have I read comments and heard stories on the topic of “Work for passion VS work for money”.

And I get it, you can’t always pick and choose. You still have to pay your bills and you will always need to eat and etc. We’ve heard it before.

However, something that we can choose to do every time we decide to go into a new project, is to be honest and transparent with our perception on things. Even if you’re standing in front of a brief that isn’t overly exciting; you still need to believe that it’s worth paying attention to. Otherwise you cannot expect the work you do to be excellent. Because how would that be possible? Helping someone sell a product or service that you don’t believe is worth buying? That is not called helping.

So what if then, a client comes before you and asks for your help to promote their service, and there’s good money in it. But, no matter how hard you try to like it, twist and turn to see the good in it; you still don’t believe it’s useful and sustainable.

Would you tell the client your concerns and pass it on to someone who would believe in it? Or would you be quiet and accept the task anyway?