I grew up with the understanding that to become independent, safe and flexible; you should aim for a full-time job, and do everything in your power to maintain it.

And sure, where I live you have to cause quite a commotion if your employer wants to fire you when you have got a full-time position. So it’s safe so to speak. Your income is predictable. Even if you’re not making a lot each month, you know that you’ll get more in a couple of weeks. As long as you clock in 8 A.M, out 5 P.M, agree to do everything they ask for and don’t ask too many questions.

I’m not sure I agree that’s the best way to go at it if you want to feel somewhat safe financially.

I’ve in the recent years thought that, devoting 100% of my time to only one source of income would render me too vulnerable for sudden changes. My employee is not invincible and could fall just like I could, or anyone else for that matter. And if my one and only source would falter, panic and desperation could very well be a real thing. Bills still needs to be payed, food brought to the table and etc.

Obviously, working with several income streams instead would require more work, more responsibility and more strategy. The outcome however, is an improved flexibility that would provide me a greater sense of stability than any full-time job. Not only would I have other income streams to turn to and nurture, should any prior fail. But I would also be much more prepared and comfortable with the unpredictable, as I’m now responsible for looking up new business opportunities and dealing with risks as well